Friday, May 1, 2020

Artist Spotlight Series: Donna Lomangino

Local artist and Arlington Artists Alliance member Donna Lomangino discusses her artwork, inspiration and technique:

Donna Lomangino
At this point in time, the subject of my paintings are semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes. Perhaps because I’m ruled by my moods I am naturally inclined to express emotions through nature’s shifts, from brooding clouds to ebbing waters to silent fields. I grew up in the midwest, so when I first experienced the Caribbean I was mesmerized by the sea, by the way the sky and water melded into one continuous field of blue. 
Rocky Coastline, oil by Donna Lomangino

Suffering from paralyzing shyness throughout at least the first half of my life, isolation is another overriding theme in my work. When I picked up a  brush at age 16 and created my first oil painting on canvas, I was surprised at how naturally it came to me. That expression was a bridge to the outside world, a form of communication since I was incapable of normal social interaction. Initially I painted portraits, and continue to paint them here and there, but not as steadily as in the past. One of my favorite series is the “CinemaScope” series, inspired by dramatic moments in film — an homage to great movies. 

CinemaScope, oil by Donna Lomangino

Oil is my medium of choice, sometimes with cold wax, and sometimes with a base of acrylics first, and sometimes only acrylics. I rarely sketch, and just dive right into the color. The paints are so lush, I love color and even the smell of oil paint. I let my instincts guide me, and usually create a better piece when I’m emotionally connected to the process, allowing myself complete freedom.

Commissions have become quite enjoyable as well. Since I have had a design business for many decades, which included some interior design consulting, creating a piece especially for a person in their own environment is most fulfilling. When someone tells me that they feel happy when they walk into a room and look at a painting they’ve purchased, it is thrilling to me. What could be better than that? 

To learn more about Donna Lomangino's work, visit her website and social media:

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