Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Artist Spotlight Series: Jeanne Garant

 Arlington Artists Alliance Member and Gallery Underground member Jeanne Garant discusses her artwork, technique and inspiration:

Jeanne Garant in her studio

Savoir, mixed media by Jeanne Garant

The artwork above says it all about my process.  There is painting, collage, silkscreen, woodcut, monoprint, wax, graphite, text, mark making and assemblage in this piece.   

Colors are neutral, always a bit of color, sometimes texture, a variety of papers to complement the medium used, layers, always a stripe and a value range from light to dark.

The shape of a work is very important.  My favorite is the long, vertical or horizontal, paper or wood panel used as my surface.  The square shape is also used frequently, the sizes range from large canvases to small paper works.

My style is minimal without being austere, subtle or delicate.  With each piece there it is great effort to not say any more than is needed - every element is essential.

As artists we make our own rules.  We find out what works for us. It’s the process that keeps me working.  I strive for simplicity, precision and tranquility.

My work is found in numerous corporate & private collections including the State Department Art in Embassies program and consulates in Italy, Slovenia, Africa, France, Belgium, and China.

I work in my home studio in Arlington, Virginia - with the company of Scully, my cat.

To learn more about Jeanne, visit her artist profile at Gallery Underground:

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