Friday, April 10, 2020

Viewing Art During a Pandemic: Ilona Lantos

One of our member artists, Ilona Lantos, created a gallery at home during the Pandemic:

During the times of the current pandemic when we all have to stay home and many businesses are closed including art galleries, it is challenging for artists to share their art. I was inspired by another AAA fellow artist and got an idea of getting these blank garden signs from ACE to attach my drawings to them and stick them under a tree in front of our house. I decorated the tree with hand painted ornamental mini canvases. I place larger paintings in our street facing window. My hope is that people passing by will stop for a moment to look at my art during the times of fear, uncertainty and isolation. Let’s place our art where people can see them, under trees, to the curbs, on the walls and in the windows. Art is healing.

To learn more about Ilona and her art, visit her Gallery Underground profile, website and social media:

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