Monday, April 6, 2020

Artist Spotlight Series: Robert Fishman

Robert Fishman is an Arlington Artists Alliance member, whose artwork, technique and inspirations are spotlighted below:

Robert G. Fishman, Ph.D., is a husband, father, grandfather, retired anthropologist, retired educator and an emerging contemporary artist.  Fishman's paintings of peoples, figures and everyday life, represent the melding together of the artistic and ethnographic.  According to Fishman, both artists and ethnographers train themselves to view life as an observer. Dr. Fishman combines his background in anthropology with his unique style of art to give us a glimpse at how he observes everyday images.  His impressionistic paintings catch a moment in time and invite the viewer to share his personal expression of either a public or private moment in everyday culture.These are experiences that we all take for granted. 

The painting with the woman is part of the restaurant series depicting an evening in a restaurant. The self portrait is reflecting on the isolation as a result of social distancing and self quarantine. Time for reflection but time to create as well.

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