Monday, April 20, 2020

Artist Spotlight Series: Jane Coonce

Jane McElvany Coonce, local artist, instructor and one of the original founders of the Arlington Artists Alliance, discusses her artwork, technique and inspiration:

Jane McElvany Coonce
"I was the original founder of the Arlington Artists Alliance in the year 2000.  I was the president for 9 years. Presently, I’m the executive director for Gallery Underground. 

"I work in many mediums:  mainly oil and watercolor , but also in acrylic, pastel and terra cotta sculpture.

"I teach oil painting and pastel for Arlington County Adult Education, now called Arlington Community Learning.  I’ve been teaching for the county for 30 years.  I also teach a watercolor class for Art House 7 on Lee Highway.

One of the fun jobs I have is teaching watercolor on cruise ships (although that’s on hold for a while.). I also like to take my art students to Europe to paint outdoors.  We’ve been to Umbria Italy,  France, Venice, and our latest trip to Cornwall England has been postponed due to the Corona virus. 

"During the 'shelter in place' order, I’ve been painting up a storm.  I will have a whole new array of paintings by the time we are allowed to have art shows again.

 Potomac Boat Club and Georgetown Early Morning in Georgetown
 Oil by Jane McElvany Coonce
"'Potomac Boat House and Georgetown in the Early Morning' - I have a friend who rows on the Potomac.  He invited me to come out at 4:30 am and take pictures of his club rowing.  I took many photos that morning.  I particularly liked this scene with the Potomac Boat Club all lit up inside  as their rowers were out in the dark, rowing on the quiet river.  It is a very tranquil time to be out on the Potomac.  No cars and no noise.  I can see why people get into rowing!  It was a beautiful experience.

Sunday in the Outdoor Café, watercolor by Jane McElvany Coonce

"'Sunday in the Outdoor Café' - I love painting café scenes, usually with people sitting around a table under an umbrella.  But this one was from a photo where everyone was at a table under a tree.  It was Sunday and the people were dressed very nicely.  I decided to paint it with a limited palette. I only used green, purple and orange, all secondary colors. Personally, I loved the effect.

To learn more about Jane's work, visit her website, blog and Gallery Underground profile:

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