Thursday, April 30, 2020

Artist Spotlight Series: Andrea Raggambi

Andrea Raggambi, local artist and Arlington Artists Alliance member, discusses her artwork, inspiration and technique:

"The pieces I create are inspired by the idea of enhancing living spaces while also supporting my local community. With regard to my creative vision, I have worked with and interviewed real estate home stagers and even sat in their meetings to understand what they have seen work well to help sell homes. My desire is to help people take control of their space with a fresh, modern take by using me to commission something custom just for them. I also want to compound their choice to support a local artist a step further by donating 15% of their payment to a local cause that is important to them.
Red Splatter, acrylic by Andrea Raggambi

"I want to show our community that going this direction is a relatively inexpensive way to change up and customize the look and feel of a room, and directly supports causes they also support. It can also be a great focal point and conversation starter with curious guests.

 "Although not formally trained in art, I have always gravitated toward creative outlets as a way to relax, feel inspired and feed my curious soul. My artistic exploration goes as far back as I can remember - from finger painting or coloring being my favorite part of the day in kindergarten, to taking pottery classes as a hobby as an adult. I ador the process of discovering new, creative outlets in many shapes and forms, including cooking and coming up with clothing design ideas. My day job is also very creative, as I am an executive coach and deisgn learning learning and development experiences. 

Purple Haze, acrylic by Andrea Raggambi

"I didn't always paint large, abstract pieces but discovered a lot of inspiration and gratification when I tried this style in early 2019. I used to paint 'things' with a lot of color but realized my strength is in the idea and less in the planned details that occur when painting something realistic or from a photo reference. My approach is more about the color than the design but oddly, I find the design sometimes more interesting than the colors when I'm done with a piece. The most difficult part for me is just setting up and breaking things down. My pieces are as large as I can fit in the back of my SUV and I need a lot of space to paint which I don't have access to that often. But I was so pleased that my concept and style also seems appealing to others. I sold nearly 50% of the work I produced in 2019 displayed at the Gallery Clarendon. The idea that I get to create something that impacts others and my community in these ways definitely brings me a lot of joy and continued inspiration!" 

To learn more about Andrea Raggambi, visit her website and social media:
Andrea Raggambi website

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