Sunday, August 25, 2019

August Offerings at Gallery Clarendon

"A Little Bit of Gold" by Rebecca Croft

At this point in the year we are in full August mode!  The typical Washington DC metro weather has set in, the shadows are JUST starting to get longer while families and college students are taking that last week of summer vacation before they all head back to school.  While it may be coming to an end there is one way to extend that summer of adventurous fun:  Art work that brings us back to those wonderful days of fun in the sun. 

"Venice Bridge" by Jessica Mickey
The first work of art that makes me remember past adventures is Jessica Mickeys "Venice Bridge."  It reminds me of the trip I took to Italy a few years ago.  I had traveled quite a bit in the US, but this was my first real trip to a far off place; Italy.  Seeing the painting by Jessica reminded me of my stay in Italy, and the amazement I felt seeing such a beautiful place as Venice in spring.  If you've been to Venice in this technological age you may have actually seen a gondolier taking a break and catching up with family and friends like we see in Linda Donaldsons, "Texting Gondoler." Also, since we live just outside of (and for some of us in) the nations capital check out "Jefferson Monument Spring" by Tony Neville.  To us not much of a novelty since we see it frequently, but to those "out of towner's" that make the pilgrimage to our capital city, quite astonishing! 

For me nothing represents summer more than being at the beach.  Several artists have represented
"Wild Coast" by Shelley Micali
that beach vibe well with their work. "Glancing Back" by Jane MacElvany Coonce, and "Wild Coast" by Shelley Micali are a few works that will bring back that warm breezy feeling, while "Summer Crabs" by Carol Waite will make you hungry for that coastal treat many mid-Atlantic residents have come to associate with the warmer months.  For those people who prefer the respite of a cool mountain lake you may find Jessica Mickey's "Sails in the Canal" quite refreshing.

Fused Glass Jewelry by Kristi Provasnik
Paintings and images are not the only art that may remind you of summer.  There are 3D works as well that do it for me.  Since orange, yellow, aqua greens and blues make me think of tropical warm locations I am drawn to the fused glass jewelry  by Kristy Provasnik.  For you folks that like to spend time camping out in the woods during the summer you may like James Bellows "Ambrosia Maple" bowl.

Now for the rest of us that aren't crazy about summer, and are looking forward to the cooler months ahead I am sure there is something currently on display that you would love as much as the works that remind of us of this wonderful time of year.  Regardless if you don't visit us in August you are missing on some fine art!

For a peak at what's available this month check out the August Flickr photo album at:

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