Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's hanging above YOUR couch? PART 1

I think it is interesting to find out what artists hang over their OWN living room couches.  To that end we polled the Gallery Underground Artists and discovered that between landscapes, portraits, abstracts and "other" the winner was....  EVERYTHING across the board.  Seems like artists were evenly split between hanging their own art and pieces they just loved or admired.  I asked the artists to send me shots of their own couches.  Here is the first batch!

 Ok, so the first one is cheating a little. Mixed Media artist Anya Getter colorful piece is not exactly hanging over the sofa!   Anya says "My couch backs to the bookshelves, but this is hanging above my table."
Painter Jane Coonce dramatic close-up is from her own yard.   Jane says "The painting is called "Day Lily".  I did it from a close up photograph of one of those day lilies that run rampant through my garden.  
Although the flower is a nuisance because it takes over the whole area, the flower lent itself for a great painting.  So for that, I am thankful.  It's rather large.  (30x40 inches) and it's in oils.

Theresa Wells Stifel's Mixed Media piece "Take 5" is actually a portrait of her teenage son George.  "George's 'leather' jacket is actually made of old sheet music his boots of real leather and his skin and other clothing from fabric.  In fact his t shirt in the painting is a snip out of an outgrown favorite t shirt that George inherited from our good friend Elizabeth Loftis."

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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